Unified Solution on IVR for WhatsApp Business

We offer a Single Number Unified Solution for IVR and WhatsApp Business. Single Number Unified Solution claims to bring together the power of IVR numbers and superior UX and reach of the WhatsApp Business Platform, enabling enterprises to have seamless and impactful interactions with their customers. We already onboarded businesses from the Retail, Manufacturing, Telecom, BFSI, and Services sectors to enable enhanced customer experience.

Single Number Unified Solution allows businesses to use their IVR Number as their WhatsApp Business Number. This solution, the company claims, will transform customer services by empowering enterprises to centralize their customer engagements, delivering unparalleled customer support and satisfaction. Speaking on this announcement, the senior VP of product and Marketing, “We committed to empowering businesses with advanced customer engagement strategies, unlocking new levels of convenience for them. By combining our IVR services and WhatsApp Business capabilities into a single unified platform, we aim to help businesses create a more personal, seamless, and efficient customer experience. We believe this innovative solution will transform the way enterprises connect with their customers, fostering stronger relationships and driving business success.”With Single Number for IVR and WhatsApp Business platform, enterprises can optimize their customer service, marketing campaigns, and overall brand presence across multiple channels.

Some of the key benefits of IVR:

  • Unified Customer Experience: Enterprises can now provide an enhanced accessibility and unified experience as customers can reach out to businesses through their preferred communication platform, whether it’s via voice calls or messaging, without the need to switch between different contact points.
  • Streamlined Customer Communication: The single-number feature allows enterprises to consolidate their interactions and responses. With its centralized platform for monitoring, it helps businesses address customer queries, feedback, and support requests on a real-time basis.
  • Cost-Effective Solution: This unified solution eliminates the need for maintaining separate contact numbers for IVR and WhatsApp Business services. This consolidation optimizes operational costs and boosts efficiency, translating into significant cost savings for enterprises.