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Send OTPs, payment confirmations, and delivery updates, increased customer satisfaction, improved brand reputation, and enhanced operational efficiency with Transactional SMS Service.

Transactional SMS Service

What is a Transactional SMS Service?

A transactional SMS service is a messaging platform that allows businesses to send important and time-sensitive messages to their customers. These messages are typically used for critical alerts, updates, and notifications such as password resets, OTPs, payment confirmations, and delivery status.

Businesses and organizations that use Transactional SMS Service:

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Order Status Updates

Send real-time updates on the status of customer orders, including confirmation of order receipt, shipping status, and delivery notifications.

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OTP Messages

Send one-time passwords to customers for authentication purposes, such as online transactions, account logins, or password reset requests.

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Appointment Reminders

Send reminders to customers of upcoming appointments or bookings, such as doctor appointments, salon bookings, or hotel reservations.

Benefits of Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS Service

Transactional SMS Service offers a range of benefits to businesses, including high delivery rates, real-time message tracking and reporting, personalized message content, increased security, and cost-effectiveness.

Transactional SMS API

Integrate Transactional SMS API with your software applications. The API allows businesses to send SMS messages and receive delivery reports directly from their own software applications. It is easy to integrate, customizable and provides real-time delivery reports and high delivery rates. Additionally, it's scalable, allowing businesses to send thousands of messages per second.

Transactional SMS Service
Transactional SMS Provider In India
Transactional SMS Service

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