Efficiently Manage Customer Complaints with our Advanced Complaint Management System

A powerful complaint management tool that enables businesses to efficiently handle customer complaints, track resolutions, and ensure customer satisfaction. With its user-friendly interface and robust features, it simplifies the complaint management process, leading to happier customers and improved brand reputation.

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How do Complaint Management System works?

Seamless Process from Customer Complaint to Resolution. A customer initiates contact, and a dedicated agent promptly logs their complaint into the system. The complaint swiftly reaches a skilled service engineer who visits the customer’s location, meticulously inspects and rectifies the product, capturing proof through a photo uploaded to the system. The customer is then delighted with a personalized happy code, signifying successful resolution. Closing the loop, an LMS executive reaches out to the customer, ensuring complete satisfaction and officially closing the complaint ticket using the happy code.

Features of Complaint Management System

Complaint Logging

Agents can log customer complaints into the system, providing a centralized database for easy access and tracking.

Ticket Assignment

Complaints are automatically assigned to the appropriate service engineer, ensuring quick resolution and reducing response time.

Happy Code Confirmation

Customers receive a unique happy code when their complaint is resolved, ensuring clear communication and closure.

Ticket Closure and Verification

LMS executives personally contact customers, verify their satisfaction using the happy code, and close the complaint ticket.

Benefits of Complaint Management System

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Streamlined Process

Efficiently handle and track customer complaints, reducing manual efforts and improving response times.


Enhanced Collaboration

Seamless coordination between agents, service engineers, and LMS executives ensures smooth complaint resolution.


Data-Driven Insights

Reporting and analytics provide valuable insights into complaint patterns, enabling businesses to make informed decisions for process optimization.


Increased Efficiency

Automating complaint management reduces administrative tasks, enabling teams to focus on providing exceptional customer service.

Reporting and Analysis Of Complaint Management System

Generate detailed reports on complaint volumes, response times, resolution rates, and customer satisfaction levels.
Identify trends and patterns in complaint data to understand common issues and take proactive measures.
Analyze agent performance metrics to optimize resource allocation and training efforts.
Gain insights into customer feedback and sentiments to identify opportunities for service improvement.

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I cannot express my gratitude enough for the exceptional service I received through this complaint management system. The company's prompt response, efficient handling of my complaint, and commitment to transparent communication truly set them apart. I highly recommend their services to anyone seeking swift and effective resolution of their concerns. Thank you, PRP Services Pvt. Ltd. for exceeding my expectations and providing an outstanding customer experience!

Dharmendra Kumar

Operational Manager

Frequently Asked Questions
What happens when I call the company with a complaint?

When you call the company with a complaint, an agent will answer your call and log your complaint into the complaint management system. This ensures that your issue is recorded and can be efficiently addressed.

What is the purpose of the happy code?

The happy code serves as a confirmation that your complaint has been successfully resolved. When the service engineer fixes the product, they upload a photo of the working product and generate a happy code. You, as the customer, receive this happy code, which signifies that your issue has been resolved satisfactorily.

How does the ticket get closed in the system?

After the service engineer generates the happy code and the customer receives it, the service engineer uses this code to officially close the complaint ticket in the system. This step ensures that the resolution is documented and the complaint is marked as closed.

Why does the LMS executive call me after the ticket is closed?

The LMS executive calls you to double confirm the resolution and ensure your satisfaction with the complaint handling process. This additional step helps in maintaining a high level of customer service and resolving any remaining concerns.

What should I do if I have further questions or issues after the ticket is closed?

If you have any further questions or face any issues after the ticket is closed, you can contact the company’s customer support team. They will assist you in addressing your concerns and provide any necessary follow-up support.


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