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Easily create personalized voice messages and send them to your specific audience using our user-friendly platform.

Bulk voice call

What is a Voice Broadcasting Service?​

Voice Broadcasting Service or bulk voice call service is a tool that enables businesses to send pre-recorded voice messages to a large number of people at once. These messages can be customized to suit specific needs, such as promoting a product or service, delivering an important message, or sending out reminders.

One Stop Solution For Every Industry

Bulk voice call


Send appointment reminders, prescription refill reminders, test result notifications, and emergency alerts to their patients.

bulk voice call


Promote sales, announce new product launches, and offer exclusive discounts to their customers.

Bulk voice call


Send out account balance alerts, transaction confirmations, and fraud alerts to their customers.

Bulk voice call


Send out important notifications to parents and students, such as school closures, exam schedules, and event reminders.

bulk voice call

Real Estate

Announce new property listings, schedule property viewings, and send out reminders for open house events.

bulk voice call

Voice Call Service Provider In India

Our voice call services facilitate seamless connection with your audience. Effortlessly record voice calls through our automated online system and dispatch them to your customers across India. PRP Services equips you with a comprehensive online control panel, eliminating the need for operator assistance or manual call scheduling. Simply install the system, record your message, upload your contact list, and our system takes care of the rest. Scheduled calls are placed to your customers without any further intervention required.

Voice Call Service Features​

Our Bulk Call Services are crafted to meet your requirements and deliver effective solutions.

Voice Broadcast Service

Broadcast offers, news and upcoming deals to your audience to boost sales and revenue.

Segment Audience

Use multiple voice calls to specify the audience based on the user personality and target.

Multi-Language Support

Our software is equipped with multi language options, enabling outreach to multiple audiences.

User-Friendly Panel

Effortlessly establish and conduct large-scale voice calls using our strong and straightforward platform.

Schedule Voice Campaign

Schedule your calls for a set date and time, and our system will handle the automation process.

24X7 Support Team

Our service experts are available to assist you at any time from anywhere.

What are the Uses of Automated Calls in Businesses?

Connect with your audience & reach your goals with voice broadcast software.

Bulk voice call

Broadcast Fast and Effective Voice Call Messages

An excellent choice for businesses looking for a reliable and cost-effective bulk voice call service.

Voice Call IVR

Send voice campaigns with pre-recorded messages in customized languages through bulk voice call IVR.

Customizable Voice Calls

Designed to meet your specific needs with a customizable voice calls solution.

Auto Redialing Unanswered Calls

Voice call autodialing feature help to increase possibility to make more successful calls.

Pay For Answered Calls Only

Don't get paid for unanswered calls. Only answered calls are accounted for when making your final bill.

Higher Delivery Of Answered Calls

There is a higher chance of delivering voice calls with auto redialing features.

Voice Calls In India

Communicate across geographical barriers with voice calls that works anywhere in India.

Bulk Voice call

How Voice Calls Benefit for Your Business

Voice calls benefit your business by direct, personal connections with customers, enhancing communication, building trust, and increasing engagement.

How to Send Bulk Voice Calls

Broadcast your voice campaign in three easy steps

Record Your Message

Bulk Voice call

Upload Your List

Bulk Voice call

Send Voice Messages

Bulk Voice call
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