Price of Bulk SMS Increased in India: Impact on Businesses and Ways to Save Money

In a recent development, the cost of bulk SMS in India has surged by 25-30% from August 1, 2023. This upward revision has been enforced by major telecom operators in the country, including Airtel, Vodafone Idea, and Reliance Jio. The rationale behind the price hike stems from the mounting expenses associated with SMS infrastructure and the escalating demand for bulk SMS services. Notably, bulk SMS is a favored marketing tool employed by businesses to reach a wide audience with a single message, and it is also extensively used by government agencies and educational institutions to disseminate crucial notifications to their constituents.

The price increase is expected to have a notable impact on businesses that rely on bulk SMS for marketing purposes. With the heightened costs, these businesses will have to adjust their marketing budgets accordingly, and it may even discourage some from using bulk SMS altogether.

However, it’s not all negative news. The price hike could potentially lead to an improvement in the quality of bulk SMS services. Telecom operators might invest in upgrading their SMS infrastructure to enhance the reliability and delivery rates of bulk SMS messages. Such improvements could prove beneficial for both businesses and consumers.

Despite the price hike, there are ways for businesses to save money on bulk SMS:

Negotiating with telecom operators:

Businesses can engage in negotiations with telecom operators to secure better prices for bulk SMS services. They may also bundle Bulk SMS with other services, such as voice or data, to avail discounts.

Utilizing a bulk SMS aggregator:

Opting for a third-party bulk SMS aggregator can often be more cost-effective than dealing directly with telecom operators. Aggregators frequently offer lower prices and additional features like analytics and reporting.

Sending short messages:

Since the cost of an SMS is based on its length, businesses can save money by sending shorter messages.

Timing message strategically:  

Sending bulk SMS during off-peak hours can result in lower rates, as telecom operators often charge less for messages sent during these times.

PRP Services PVT LTD: Your Best Option for Affordable Bulk SMS

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