IVR Service Providers

Top 10 IVR Service Providers in India 2024

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service is a technology that enables automated interaction between a computerized system and callers via telephone keypad inputs or voice commands. IVR Services are commonly used in various industries and sectors, including telecommunications, customer service, healthcare, banking, and government agencies.

IVR Calling System

An IVR (Interactive Voice Response) calling system is an automated telephony technology that interacts with callers through pre-recorded voice prompts and/or keypad inputs. It allows callers to navigate through a series of menu options to access information, perform transactions, or connect with the appropriate department or individual without the need for human intervention. IVR systems are commonly used in customer service, call centers, and various business applications to handle incoming calls efficiently and provide self-service options to callers.

Here are the top 10 IVR Providers in India who help you grow your business


1. PRP Service Pvt Ltd

PRP Services is a leading IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service provider that offers a range of benefits and advantages for businesses looking to enhance their customer service and communication systems

IVR Features

  • Create personalized introductions for a professional first impression.
  • Capture calls for training, quality assurance, and reference.
  • Design complex menus with multiple layers for efficient self-service options.
  • Streamline workflows by linking call data to your CRM software.
  • Complete to a wider audience by offering greetings and IVR menus in multiple languages.

IVR Pricing

Pricing for IVR services varies based on features, usage, and providers. Factors such as call volume, customization, and advanced functionalities influence costs, with competitive rates in the market. Get a Free Demo

2. Exotel

Exotel is a prominent IVR (Interactive Voice Response) service provider based in India, offering cloud-based communication solutions to businesses of all sizes. As an IVR provider, Exotel specializes in facilitating automated and personalized interactions between businesses and their customers over the phone.

IVR Features

  • The dashboard features a capability for creating virtual numbers that permit the addition of virtual numbers.
  • Businesses of all types can benefit greatly from having a toll-free number, and you can get one by using one of these providers.
  • You can also enable programmed automated calls for clients to address their issues.
  • A built-in function for analyzing the performance and analytics of your business.
  • Voice API for customizing IVR to increase customer satisfaction.

IVR Pricing

They provide services in the areas of voice, short message service (SMS), and authentication. Pricing information is available upon request.

3. Knowlarity

IVR (Interactive Voice Response) is a cloud-based communication solution that Knowlarity provides to companies of all sizes. With its IVR solutions, Knowlarity facilitates automated, personalized phone conversations between businesses and their customers.

IVR Features

  • Customer service that is prompt and uninterrupted, with no difficult menu navigation.
  • Automatic call routing outside of business hours to specified agents for 24/7 assistance.
  • Support for designing complex IVR call processes with menu and submenu configuration options.
  • Keep a caller database with call durations, caller details, location, and conversations for quick issue resolution.
  • Choice of international, local, virtual, and toll-free IVR numbers for international clients.

IVR Pricing

Three plans are available: the Advance plan, the Premium plan, and the Premium Plus plan, all of which provide similar features such as basic, advanced, and API access. Each package includes a 7-day free trial before purchase.

4. MyOperator

MyOperator is a renowned IVR (Interactive Voice Response) provider that offers cloud-based communication solutions tailored to businesses of all sizes. As an IVR provider, MyOperator specializes in facilitating automated and personalized interactions between businesses and their customers over the phone.

IVR Features

  • Virtual numbers are available for clients and customers to call.
  • Multi-tiered IVR system that can handle multiple calls simultaneously.
  • Call details, voicemail, analytic reports, call history, and a live dashboard are all included.
  • Recording calls for quality control.
  • Communication between agents can be improved by using the intercom feature.

5. Ozonetel

A provider of cloud communication solutions that include IVR, virtual call center, and SMS marketing services. Ozonetel is an excellent option for businesses looking for advanced and scalable IVR solutions.

IVR Features

  • Create custom greetings, after-hours messages, and seasonal greetings.
  • Customers may connect with the appropriate department through a graded menu.
  • Even when remote agents are not enrolled through browsers or mobile devices, Cloud IVR routes calls to them.
  • For improved inquiry resolution, agents have real-time access to client profile data.
  • Ability-based agent assignment based on the inquiry.

IVR Pricing

Ozonetel does not offer pricing information on its website. You can contact them through their website for unique integration planning.

6. Genesys

Genesys Cloud CX allows businesses to build Complex self-service experiences through its integrated IVR capabilities that improve customer interactions across various channels.

IVR Features

  • Simplifies the creation of complex call routing structures with a user-friendly interface.
  • Enables natural language interaction for a more intuitive self-service experience.
  • Route callers based on various criteria like caller ID, time of day, or reason for calling.
  • Design multi-level menus with clear options for efficient call self-service.
  • Gain insights into call routing effectiveness and identify areas for improvement.

IVR Pricing

Genesys Cloud CX offers a tiered pricing structure with five plans ranging from $75 to $155 per user per month. The specific plan you choose will determine the level of IVR functionality you receive.

7. Fonada

Fonada is an innovative cloud-based telephony IVR service provider in Noida, India. We are ranked first of IVR solution providers in India. We offer Voice & Textual CPaaS solutions. In addition to directing incoming calls, it provides instant messaging solutions, automates filtering, and lets organizations communicate with specific users.

IVR Features

  • Authenticate users and ensure prompt transactions
  • Customers can also communicate their needs via missed calls.
  • Build simple call flows and voice-bot autoresponders.
  • Your dashboard provides real-time call analytics.
  • Make smart decisions by recording your calls.

IVR Pricing

Fonada offers a 10-day free trial, which includes 1,000 free calls and SMS credits. Fonada pricing is available upon request.

8. Callhippo

A cloud-based telephony provider that offers IVR services, virtual numbers, and call tracking. CallHippo is a good option for companies looking for cost-effective IVR solutions.

IVR Features

  • Organizations can assign unique numbers to each department.
  • After business hours, activate your voicemail.
  • Incoming calls should be recorded for quality training.
  • While on hold, you can listen to customized music.
  • Obtain local phone numbers in over 50 countries.

IVR Pricing

CallHippo offers a variety of plans based on features and monthly call volume. They have a free trial available as well.

9. IVR guru

The IVR Guru provides a cloud-based, telephonic solution for customer engagement and marketing. By eliminating the need for expensive telephone systems, the virtual number options eliminate the need for expensive telephone systems.

IVR Features

  • Automatic call distribution system.
  • Connectivity with third parties for CRM.
  • Quality control option for call recording.
  • The IVR has multiple levels to handle multiple calls at the same time.
  • Dialer for incoming and outgoing calls.

IVR Pricing

The IVR Guru offers three pricing options: Startup, Enterprises, and Premium. Plans can be customized by contacting the IVR Guru.

10. Servetel Communications

A leading provider of cloud telephony IVR, Servetel offers toll-free numbers, virtual numbers, voice streaming, IVR-based services, and more. The service provider offers its services to major corporations, such as Cipla, SAP, Glidec, OLA, and Cars24.

IVR Features

  • Dashboards include both basic and advanced interactive voice response systems.
  • The interface is user-friendly and allows the selection of numbers and virtual numbers.
  • Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs), Automated Outbound Calling, Custom On-Hold Music, and Multi-IVRs are available.
  • Bulk SMS services are also available.

IVR Pricing

There are three different plans offered by Servetel: basic, advanced, and premium. A free 15-day trial of SMS, IVR, and call services is available from Servetel.