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Enhance Customer Experience and Reduce Costs with Call Routing

In todays business world effective communication plays a role, in achieving success. Call routing, a technology ensures that every call is directed to the individual or department boosting efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What is Call Routing?

Call routing refers to a technology that automatically guides calls to the person within an organization. When a call comes in the system determines the department, extension or mobile number to route it to facilitating efficient communication.

Before Call Routing

Traditionally call routing was handled manually by receptionists who manually connected each call. This process was time consuming, prone, to errors. Often resulted in communication delays.

What Has Call Routing Made Possible?

Call routing has transformed business communication by offering advantages:

Call routing
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: Callers are promptly connected with the party elevating their overall experience.
  • Cost Savings: Automation reduces mistakes and delays resulting in cost savings.
  • Boosted Productivity: Employees can concentrate on their tasks without disruptions.
  • Scalability: Easily expand your call routing system as your business expands.

What Businesses Use It?

Call routing proves to be advantageous, for businesses of all sizes ranging from startups and small companies to corporations. Its value is especially evident in sectors such as customer service, sales and support centers.

Is Call Routing Necessary?

For businesses on telephone interactions call routing is indispensable. It ensures that callers are efficiently connected to the individual or department enhancing communication effectiveness.

How Important is Call Routing for a Call Center?

In the realm of call centers call routing plays a role. It aids in managing volumes of calls guaranteeing swift and accurate responses to customer inquiries.

What is the Need for Call Routing in an IVR Service?

Within IVR (Interactive Voice Response) systems call routing guides callers to the department or extension based on their input streamlining the process of managing calls

What is the Price of Call Routing?

The expenses linked to call routing vary depending on the provider and your businesses specific requirements. While some providers offer call routing features at no cost others may charge for advanced functionalities.

Use Case of Call Routing

E commerce Store:

  • Scenario: A customer reaches out to an e commerce store seeking assistance.
  • Solution: The call routing system directs the call, to the customer support department.

Why Choose PRP Services, for This Service?

PRP Services stands out as a cloud telephony provider offering cost effective call routing solutions. Here are the advantages of opting for PRP Services:

call routing
  • Diverse Features: From call routing to functionalities like call recording and analytics.
  • Scalability: Effortlessly expand in line with your business growth.
  • Reliability: Ensuring consistent call connections with high network reliability.
  • Customer Support: Exceptional customer support catering to all your requirements.

How Does Call Routing Work?

Call routing follows a series of steps to direct calls to the recipient:

how call routing work
  • Incoming Call Reception: The phone system receives the incoming call.
  • Caller Identification: The system recognizes the callers ID and routing details.
  • Routing Decision making: Based on this information the system determines the department, extension or mobile number.
  • Call Transfer Process: The system shifts the call to the selected recipient.

Common Call Routing Methods

  • Extension Based Routing: Directing calls, to an extension.
  • Menu Driven Routing: Callers choose the department or extension they need through an IVR menu.
  • Time Sensitive Routing: Calls are directed based on the day and time.
  • Expertise Based Routing: Calls are connected to agents, with the required skills to assist.

Benefits of Call Routing

benefits of call routing
  • Enhanced Customer Experience: connection to the personnel.
  • Cost Savings: Reduction in errors and delays.
  • Enhanced Efficiency: Staff can concentrate on their duties.

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Pricing Details for PRP Services' IVR Packages with Call Routing:

PRP Services offers IVR packages that include Call Routing. For pricing tailored to your business requirements it is advisable to reach out to PRP Services. Here are the general pricing options:

  • Mobile Number Package:
  • Monthly Fee: ₹3,750

Toll Free Helpline Package:

  • Monthly Fee: ₹2,499

For details regarding features and tailored options feel free to contact PRP Services for a quotation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Call Routing?

Call routing is a technology that automatically directs incoming phone calls to the appropriate recipient within an organization, ensuring efficient and seamless communication.

Why is Call Routing Important for Businesses?

Call routing improves customer experience, reduces costs, boosts productivity, and allows for easy scalability as a business grows.

How Does Call Routing Benefit Call Centers?

In call centers, call routing helps manage high volumes of calls, ensuring quick and accurate responses to customer inquiries, enhancing overall service quality.

What Are Common Methods of Call Routing?

Common methods include extension-based routing, menu-based routing via an IVR system, time-based routing, and skill-based routing to direct calls to the most qualified agents.

What Factors Affect the Cost of Call Routing?

The cost varies depending on the provider and the specific needs of your business. Basic call routing features may be free, while advanced functionalities could incur additional charges.


Effective communication is crucial in today’s business environment, and call routing is a powerful tool to achieve this. By automating the process of directing calls to the right person or department, businesses can enhance customer experience, reduce costs, and improve overall productivity. Whether you’re a startup or a large enterprise, investing in a reliable call routing system can provide significant benefits and support your growth.